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Every Product for your financial needs

Instant Money Transfer

This product allows individual customers, be they agents or subscribers to send money to all banks in Nigeria through the mobile phone. The customers can send money from their mobile wallets to any bank in Nigeria.

Bill Payment

The Bill Payment service provides options for the payments of Electricity bill, Hotel Bills and Bookings, Airline Bookings, Cable TVs subscriptions.

Airtime Top up

This service enables subscribers and agents to buy and sell airtime anywhere and anytime by logging into their Fortis Mobile Money Application or using the Fortis Mobile Money Web Channel.


Fortis money product allows individual customers, be they agents or subscribers to send money to all banks in Nigeria through the mobile phone or the web app channels.


Subscribers can book for their bus tickets, pay their utility bills, apply for lotteries and subscribe for insurance when this product is fully expanded. At this time, the subscribers and the Agents can enjoy the convenience, ease and the fastness of booking their bus tickets to travel to any part of the country from anywhere and at any time through their Fortis Mobile Money Application or web channel.

Every E-channel for your financial access

Mobile App

Fortis money mobile apps allow you to access your accounts and conduct financial transactions using a mobile device, anytime and from anywhere. With a Fortis mobile app, you can easily keep track of your transactions.

Web App

The notion of budgeting, earning, and saving is made simpler for everyone with the aid of Fortis Money online applications. They include a wide range of features that can make it easier to do all crucial financial activities required for running a business.


Fortis money is engaged on a POS business system which helps its agents/customers improve their operations. This includes reducing waiting time, quicker payments, etc. With these operational improvements, customers will tend to get better service and come back to your location/store for their next purchase.

Debit Card

Fortis mobile money issues debit cards to its agents/customers which helps them to buy goods or services; or to get cash from agent locations or an automated teller machine, With debit cards, customers are effectively making their purchases with cards which are considerably safer than cash.

NFC Card

Fortis Money boasts the NFC technologies that concentrates of providing the safest and the easiest cash-out mechanism for the beneficiaries and customers. This process issues NFC cards to beneficiaries. The cards will be linked to beneficiaries’ accounts and thus all card activities will be mirrored by the mobile wallets. All beneficiaries need do is to swipe their cards across the screen of the POS and trigger a cash-out which will only be consummated upon the input of the beneficiaries’ PINs.


QR Vouchers

Fortis money prints and distributes vouchers through their agents congruous to the beneficiaries’ locations. The vouchers contain tokens that can be activated and withdrawn from an agent location. It is a one-use token, tied to a unique beneficiary. The voucher can also be used to make purchases from agent locations.


Fortis mobile money enables mobile banking through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) even if they don’t have a smartphone or data/internet connection. Fund transfers, monitoring account balances, and generating bank statements are just a few applications for USSD-based mobile banking.

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