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Security Tips


Simply means your Personal Identification Number. It is a 4-digit number carefully chosen by you and should not be DISCLOSED. It is used to authorize a login into your account as well as all transactions, and as such, should be kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL.


Fortis Mobile Money Account has a very high security level protection. Each Mobile Account has the owner’s 4-digit secret PIN which is required before any transaction will be successfully carried out and each of these PINs has the standard GSM encryption.


Ensure that your PIN is only known to you, in case you notice that your PIN has been compromise ensure that your PIN is changed using the CHANGE PIN function on the account menu.


For forgotten PIN or stolen phones, contact Fortis Mobile Money customer care on 09-8744440 or email for PIN Reset.Please note that your money is safe provided you did not disclose your PIN to anyone, but you must, as soon as possible alert the Customer Care to deactivate your account.



What is Fortis Mobile Money?

Fortis Mobile Money is a convenient, secure and actual account for all mobile phone users to send money and transact.

Who can be subscribe ?

Anybody that has a phone number can sign up for Fortis Mobile Money.

Do I need to have a bank account ?

No. You do not need a bank account to use it.

Can an unregistered person make transactions?

Yes, In this case, the customer can go to any agent location.

Can I use my existing SIM for the MobileMoney service?

Yes. You may use your existing SIM.

What is my Fortis Mobile Money Account Number?

Your phone number is your Fortis Mobile Money account number.

What is my PIN?

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. It is a 4-digit number known only to you, and is used to authorize all your transactions. You are required to remember your PIN at all times.

How secure is the Fortis Mobile Money Account?

Fortis Mobile Money Accounts has a very high security level protection. What if I forget my Fortis Mobile Money Account PIN?Each Mobile Account has a 4-digit secret PIN which is required for each transaction.

What if I forget my Fortis Mobile Money Account PIN?

You will need to contact the Fortis Mobile Money help desk on 09 8744440, .

What if my SIM/Phone is stolen is my account compromised?

No, your money is safe. Your Fortis Mobile Money account is protected by your Account PIN. Call the help desk for assistance.

Who can make a Money Transfer transaction?

The services are available to registered and unregistered customers.

Will the customer get a receipt or any SMS notification after the transaction?

An SMS notification will be sent to the sender and the receiver at the time money is sent or received.

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