6 Smart Ways to Make Productive Use of Your Phone

Life can get very busy; sometimes we wish we had more time a day to get things done right? Well, we only have 24 hours a day but we can do more with less time using our Mobile phones. Mobiles phones can be a distraction but there are ways to optimize its use to boost your work and life productively. Let’s discuss some of these ways:

1. Reminders and Schedulers: Planning is paramount to achieving set goals and keeping track of what needs to be done and when. There are apps you can download to remind you of meetings, deadlines and important events. Also there are apps that help you plan and schedule activities to be perform in a day or month. This will help improve success in achieving goals and meeting up deadlines.

2. Mobile Banking App: Mobile banking applications have proven to be an effective tool for time management. It save time and reduces the stress and cost of going to the bank and staying on long queues to make transactions. One of the most effective Banking Apps is Fortis Mobile App. In a minute you can: send money, purchase airtime, check your balance, Pay your bills, book your bus/airline ticket and have 24-hour access to your bank account.

3. Utilize Social Media: Social media is one of the biggest platforms for communication, networking, learning and effective marketing. Statistically, 1 in every 3 Nigeria exists on a social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube, Blogs, etc). There are several businesses online conducting their trade on social media without physical addresses. The group feature can also be used to organise and attend online seminars and classes using Whatsapp or Facebook. Do you have a cause you want to campaign about? Use social media to get people involved. You want to reduce your advertising cost and reach more audience? Use social media. You want to learn a new skill? Use social media.

4. Take Online Courses and Read E-books: Busy schedules have made it difficulty sometimes to enrol for classes in a physical location. With your mobile phones, you can take courses online that enhances relevant and increase our knowledge in our areas of expertise e.g. Certifications. Additionally, there are thousands of e-books to download and read on your phone, there are also free and paid online courses for certifications that can be undertaken with the mobile phone. You can get more done with less time by maximising your mobile phone.

5. Money Management Apps: One of the ways to avoid getting broke before the month end is by intentionally taking steps to budget and having a savings plan. There are several Applications that can help in tracking your spending, give your information on how much you have spent in comparison to previous month. These Apps are available, mostly for free on your Apple store or Samsung play store. Reading the reviews from previous users can help to determine the right one to use. With your mobile phone, you can utilize this apps and start spending and saving wisely, smartly and intentionally.

6. Google Map: This App is mostly known for giving directions, particularly when you are in a new environment but it can do much more. It helps to save time against hold-up in traffic especially in places that are traffic congested such as Lagos. It shows you the roads experiencing heavy traffic and suggest alternatives route that are faster. This Application can help you manage your time wisely and ensures punctuality.

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